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Here’s a post that I’ve talked about before, but would like to reiterate especially in Mental Health Awareness Month — what being the Therapist Friend feels like.⁠

As folks who have an interest in psychology and mental health, we often find ourselves in the position of being a listener to our friends.

This is an incredible and honorable position to be in — to be able to take some emotional load off of the people around us.⁠

The issue is that friends are not supposed to be therapists.

Therapists are paid to listen to people and offer guidance. Friends are not.⁠

Friends can, and should. of course, do some of that. But when your own needs are sacrificed and that becomes your identity, perhaps you aren’t a friend at all to them.

That is when you have to get crystal clear on your boundaries.⁠

Therapist Friend
Therapist Friend

How Your Therapist Friend Feels Like:

This is How Yout Therapist Friends Feel Like here is the 7 Things Your Therapist Friend feel Like:

1. Available 24/7:

You are emotionally available 24/7 for your friends but they aren’t there for you.

2. Emotionally Exhausted:

You constantly feel burnt out and emotionally exhausted from the heavy things your friends tell you.

3. Emotional:

You sacrifice your own Emotional needs for others just to feel like you belong.

4. Identity:

Your identity is built on being the therapist’s friend. You worry that you will no longer fit in if you stop listening to others.

5. Their Struggles:

When people hear that you are interested in mental health, they immediately share their struggles without asking you about yours.

6. Question Your Alliances:

Your friends complain to you about your other friends, causing you to question your alliances.

7. Expect:

The people around you expect you to listen to their problems and sometimes even fix them for them they are very entitled.


If you are the ‘therapist’ friend, get crystal clear on your boundaries and tell people if you don’t have the energy to listen. If they still insist, then ask them to find someone else to vent to.


So in This Post, Being The Therapist Friend Feel Like What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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