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What does hiding your pain mean? The reality is that, in life, pain is inevitable. There are an infinite number of things that can cause us psychological and mental turmoil.⁠

But think about how you react when you feel physical pain, let’s say stubbing your toe.⁠

Does it do you any favors? not to react? No! You would roll around, cringe, lie down…do all of these things to numb the pain.⁠

The same principle applies to psychological and emotional pain, which researchers increasingly find to be more or less the same as physical pain as they activate the same regions of the brain.

When we bottle up intense emotions like anger and sadness, it often makes our pain even worse.⁠

That’s not to say that you should just break down the moment you encounter pain.

My point is, the human body was not meant to just ‘take’ pain. Soothe yourself. Be kind to yourself. Relax, take the day off if you are in pain.⁠

You can’t just pretend as if everything’s okay if it isn’t. You need to give yourself the same attention as if you faced a physical wound, just so you are in the right state to continue fighting on when it’s time again.

8 Signs That You are Hiding Your Pain
8 Signs That You are Hiding Your Pain

8 Signs That You Are Hiding Your Pain

Here is the list of 8 Signs That You are Hiding Your Pain

1. Burning up Inside:

You tell people that you’re fine when they ask even if you’re burning up inside

2. Overwork:

You overwork and focus on accomplishments to distract yourself from your feelings

3. Caring/Vulnerability:

You are very good at caring for people but do not show any vulnerability even to your closest people

4. Lash Out:

Even minor things set you off and cause you to lash out at others because you’ve been keeping it in for so long

5. BreakDown:

You are skilled at pretending like everything is alright in front of others but break down once you get home

6. Gaslight Yourself:

You gaslight yourself into thinking that your problems are not important because other people have it worse

7. Beating Yourself Up:

You are always beating yourself up, being kind to yourself is seen as ‘complaining’ or ‘whining’

8. Don’t Open Up:

You just wish you had someone to talk to about your problems but you don’t open up because you think, “They won’t understand.”


Keeping your pain hidden is not a form of resilience. The human body was not meant to keep your emotions in — bottling up your pain only leads to more pain later when it inevitably leaks out.
Neither is self-compassion ‘whining’ or ‘complaining. Your pain is valid, even if others have it worse. Perhaps the key to releasing your pain is to forgive yourself for all that has happened.


So in This Post, 8 Signs That You are Hiding Your Pain What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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