Monday, December 9, 2019

How To Use Sanitary Pads

How To Use Sanitary Pads
How To Use Sanitary Pads: Alright, so it’s finally that time of your life…when you first start menstruating and have to start using a sanitary pads. I know getting your period can be nerve racking, but its something EVERY GIRL goes through. Well, now when you first start your period, many girls opt for a...

Which is Healthier – Tampons VS Pads?

Tampons VS Pads
Tampons VS Pads? Okay so it’s not Exactly To be or Not To Be but I know many of you guys are unsure of which route to go down with your periods and why? So let me start out this whole conversation by saying, pads or tampons its entirely your preference! And there's your answer so...

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