Which is Healthier – Tampons VS Pads?



Tampons VS Pads
Tampons VS Pads

Okay so it’s not Exactly To be or Not To Be but I know many of you guys are unsure of which route to go down with your periods and why?

So let me start this whole conversation by saying, pads or tampons it’s entirely your preference! And there’s your answer so now we’re done with this Article. Well fine, I guess I can give you a little bit more info.

Let’s start with the pad:



Many girls start with the pad when they first get their periods.
It’s very easy to use as you just stick it into your underwear and change it once it’s fully absorbed. Since you can always keep an eye on the absorption, there’s a lower chance of any leakage occurring. Also, since the blood is allowed to completely leave your vagina, the chance of any disease or bacterial infection is lower.

Now what about the tampon?



Well, many complain that wearing a pad is like wearing a diaper and since you can’t feel a tampon, you feel more ”free.”

  • Also if you need to go swimming during that time of the month, you can’t wear a pad.
  • Most sports chicks or active girls also like tampons for the freedom a tampon allows.
  • Also, once you get used to your body and the tampons, it’s not a big deal.


So what are the decisions between the two? Back to you!
It’s a personal choice. There is no right age or time to start or stop wearing one or the other and you can always switch based on your comfort. Just make sure you change your pad or tampon frequently to stay healthy!


Are tampons or pads better for overall health?

Both tampons and pads are considered safe for most women when used correctly. The choice between them often depends on personal preference, comfort, and lifestyle.

Do tampons pose a higher risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)?

There is a slightly higher risk of TSS with tampon use, but it is rare. To minimize the risk, choose the lowest absorbency needed, change tampons every 4-8 hours, and avoid leaving them in for an extended period.

Can tampons or pads cause irritation or allergies?

Some individuals may experience irritation or allergies to the materials used in tampons or pads. It’s essential to choose products suitable for sensitive skin and to be attentive to any signs of discomfort.

Do tampons or pads affect vaginal pH or bacterial balance?

Tampons and pads, when used correctly, should not significantly impact vaginal pH or bacterial balance. Maintaining proper hygiene, changing products regularly, and choosing those labeled hypoallergenic can help prevent disruptions.

Can tampons or pads be used during various activities, like swimming or exercise?

Both tampons and pads are suitable for different activities. Tampons are ideal for swimming, as they don’t absorb water, while pads are convenient for daily activities and sleep. The choice depends on personal comfort and the specific activity.

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