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Here’s a post about 7 Signs That Someone Has Main Character Syndrome.

As I was researching this subject, I was actually surprised at the number of articles and writing about this.

It’s not a psychological condition or disorder by any means, but it does lean on several ideas like narcissism, vanity, and neuroticism.⁠

It’s the idea that the world revolves around you, and often that the people around you are your supporting cast, which means they aren’t as important as you, the main character.⁠

Some psychologists hypothesize that this is fueled by social media and how attention is seen as the currency of today, which often leads to instances of people doing stupid things to try and get social media clout. ⁠

But more often than not, it’s the way they treat people that’s the main sign… and how they treat themselves. Seeing yourself as the main character is often a product of being treated poorly in some way, and having to resort to putting yourself as the center of the universe to cope.

This is why I tend to have compassion and empathy for these people. even if they tend to be insufferable most of the time.

Main Character Syndrome
Main Character Syndrome

7 Signs That Someone Has Main Character Syndrome

While obviously not a psychological diagnosis, some people think of themselves as the main character or the protagonist of their story.
Unfortunately, this often results in others finding them insufferable. Here are 7 signs of that.

1. Get Angry on Small Things:

They get angry when things don’t go their way even for very minor inconveniences because they feel the world is against them

2. Validation and Attention:

They are constantly doing things for other’s validation and attention as if there are eyes on them every moment

3. Always need a villain:

They always need a ‘villain’ in their lives and will invent a reason to hate someone when they feel like it

4. Think of themselves as infallible and capable:

They think of themselves as infallible and capable of doing no wrong, any attempt to hold them accountable or critique them is seen as a personal attack

5. Superior to others:

They feel a constant need to prove themselves superior to others, to them everything is a competition

6. Concerned with their Appearance:

They are more concerned with their appearance and how they are perceived than how they actually feel, they flaunt everything on social media

7. Supporting cast:

They see everyone else in their lives as a supporting cast instead of human beings. They also see people in black and white:
“Either you are with me. or against me.”

Main Character Syndrome
Main Character Syndrome


‘Main Character Syndrome’ is a result of an increasing disconnection with the world and themselves, fuelled by social media. Ironically, this attempt to reclaim one’s life leads to self-obsession, indulgence, and distance from real life and others.
We may feel tempted to hate and judge people who have this, but it often stems from not receiving validation and being mistreated in life. Kindness and some honest words help people snap out of this much more effectively than judgment.


So in This Post, 7 Signs That Someone Has Main Character Syndrome. What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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