Healthy Hair Tutorial: How Does Hair Conditioner Work


Healthy Hair Tutorial:

So We tell you How Does Hair Conditioner Work and Why we use Hair conditioners.

How Does Hair Conditioner Work
How Does Hair Conditioner Work


These days hair conditioner is an integral part of the hair management process.

So how does hair conditioner work?
How important is it to keep your hair healthy?
What’s in this gunk that makes your hair so sleek and shiny?

Also, there are several conditioners available in the market – dry hair conditioner, colored hair conditioner, conditioner for damaged hair, curly hair conditioner, etc.

What is Hair:

  • Well, to understand conditioner first you need to understand hair.
    Hair is 97% made up of dead cells containing the protein keratin, which is negatively charged.
  • From an anatomical level, hair is made up of three main components: the medulla, the cortex, and the cuticle, which is what we are going to focus on today.
  • The cuticle is made up of dead skin cells that overlap. They stick to each other thanks to hydrogen bonds, forming the outer layer of your hair.
  • These outer layers determine whether or not your hair looks good. When they are firmly pressed down, the cuticle layers are neatly aligned, allowing light to reflect off the surface, which gives your hair its healthy sheen.
  • When your hair is frizzy or dull looking, it means that the overlapping cells are not lying flat. Your scalp typically excretes natural oils that keep the cells down, but there are many ways these oils can be stripped away.
  • Using a strong shampoo or staying under the sun too long can do the trick. With the passage of time, the surface cells on your hair also have a tendency to become loose and snag against the surface cells of other hairs.
  • So no matter what, the scruffy, tangled look is pretty hard to avoid. This is where the conditioner comes in.


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