Urinary Tract Infection in Women | Bacterial Vaginal Infections


Urinary Tract Infection in Women:

Urinary Tract Infection in Women
Urinary Tract Infection in Women
  • Alright so last night I got an email from a girl that wanted to know what it meant if her urine burned when she peed.
  • Okay this can literally mean anything. I know it’s really vague but the thing is that the urine can burn when you pee based on different scenarios many times it can be a bacterial infection in your urinary tract known as a UTI.
  • Also it can be a sign of a kidney disease, Inflammation of your vagina or a yeast infection Lastly, urine burning can also mean that you have a sexually transmitted infection. Obviously with only applies to girls that are sexually active Either way if your urine burns when you pee you should definitely go to the doctor and get checked out.
  • Now if you have blood in the urine, that’s known as hematuria You can’t really treat blood in the urine because it’s actually a symptom of an underlying condition, like a kidney disease, so it’s imperative that you go to a doctor and get that checked out.
  • Normal urine should be clear are straw yellowish in color so if you start to notice dark color, really dark red or really cloudy, basically anything that’s not normal you should definitely go to the doctor and get checked out.

so on that note I am going to head out and I will hear from you guys because you guys can email me and SMS me and subscribe to the channel. So I will see you guys later.

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