How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships



Here’s a post about How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships. ⁠

When I see posts like these that are made, oftentimes it takes an entirely negative approach — anxiety always makes our relationships worse, for example. ⁠

Of course, anxiety can be very debilitating for both the sufferer and their partner (or if both have anxiety). ⁠

But in taking that black and white view, they neglect the other side of the equation:⁠

That anxiety can possibly have positive effects on the relationship as well, which is something I’ve seen from some of the couples in my life.

And of course, from these couples, I have also seen the very heartening fact that a solid relationship can really help make the experience of anxiety so much better.⁠

Points are from Very Well Mind (How Anxiety Affects Relationships) and Harmony Bay Wellness (The Effect of Anxiety on your Relationships)!⁠

 How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships
How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships

7 Points How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships:

Here are the 7 Points That Explain How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships:

1. Overthinking:

Overthinking every small detail, gesture, or emoji in conversations and texts

 How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships
How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships

2. Comparing yourself to other people:

Always comparing yourself to other people out of fear that your partner will be attracted to someone ‘better’

3. Acting Distant:

Not sharing your true feelings or identity with your partner out of fear of rejection or thinking, “They’ll leave me anyway.

4. Partner Dependency:

Some people realize that being with their partner makes them less anxious. This makes them cling to their partner, affecting the relationship or causing them to not address the root cause of their anxiety.

How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships
How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships

5. Seeking Reassurance:

Anxiety may make someone fear deeply about losing their partner either through death or getting cheated on. So, they’ll ask for their location excessively and sometimes get angry when they don’t reply.

6. Ignoring oneself:

Some people with anxiety may focus too much on how their partner is feeling which can lead to ignoring their own needs, causing exhaustion and burnout.

7. More sensitivity and empathy:

However, folks with anxiety also tend to be more aware of their partner’s feelings, which can lead to a deeper and more caring relationship.

How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships
How Anxiety Affects Your Relationships


Some anxious people, especially overthinkers and perfectionists, also tend to be amazing planners for dates and events because they’re prepared for any scenario.


If you’re a partner to someone with anxiety, remember that while it’s important to validate them, make sure that you aren’t playing into their anxiety by reinforcing their anxious thoughts.
Instead of telling them that all their thoughts are valid, you can also provide an objective viewpoint and model calmness as well in order to limit their long-term anxiety.

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