8 Signs of a Traumatized Child


8 Signs of a Traumatized Child: Understanding the Impact of Childhood Trauma

Here’s a post about the 8 Signs of a Traumatized Child unfortunate reality of children who have been traumatized. ⁠

I realized that there are plenty of posts on Instagram that talk about the signs of childhood trauma in adults. but very few actually talk about trauma for children.

For example, a huge one that people ignore is involuntary age regression, where a child regresses to a stage of development that they’ve already passed. ⁠

The jumpiness and hypersensitivity are also a thing too, especially when it comes to specific things like sound, like hearing footsteps down the hall, knocks on the window, etc.

All of these (beyond what is normally expected of a child) are signs that a child isn’t in the safest environment for growth, exploration, and learning.⁠

And trust me, not giving a child those things can have a huge impact on them as they progress into adulthood.

 Signs of a Traumatized Child
Signs of a Traumatized Child

8 Signs of a Traumatized Child:

Here are The 8 Signs of a Traumatized Child

1. Separation Anxiety

Constant separation anxiety, refusing to go to school or sleep without their parents

2. Age Regression

their behavior returns to that of an earlier age, including that of a toddler

3. jumpy

The child is jumpy and reacts strongly (screams/cries) at even normal stimuli

4. Re-enacting

Re-enacting their trauma during playtime or representing it via art or writing

5. Trouble Sleeping

Having trouble sleeping, bedwetting, constant nightmares, and paralyzing fears (of ghosts, monsters, darkness, death, etc),

6. Seeking Permission

Always seeking permission and approval from adults even for harmless things out of fear of doing something wrong

7. Hypersensitivity

Hypersensitivity to touch, sound (e.g. parent’s footsteps down the hall), and other people’s moods

8. Abnormally Quiet 

Becoming abnormally quiet and distancing themselves from others when they weren’t like that before


Of course, none of these are 100% signs of trauma in children, but the reality is that so many parents ignore these signs and let their children ‘take it’ instead of addressing them.

Even if it comes up with nothing, the fact that you are making an effort proves to the child that they are safe and they are not alone. Children deserve to live in an environment where their concerns are taken seriously.


So in This Post, 8 Signs of a Traumatized Child What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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