9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse



Here’s a post about 9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse.

Depression, as a condition of our mind and body, can be something that dominates our whole nervous system.

But people often forget that the state of our nervous system affects the severity of the depression we feel, too.⁠

That is, factors of the body can make our depression feel even more overwhelming. The food we eat, our movement (or lack thereof), the medications we consume…they can all affect our depression.

Furthermore, some conditions too, such as thyroid disorders, can also simulate depression.⁠

Moreover, don’t forget the social aspects — being surrounded by a toxic group of people, and being in a stifling environment.

⁠The reality is that we can use psychological means of treating depression all we want (which are great, mind you), but if the cause of your depression is those things, then there’s a good chance nothing will change if you don’t target the root cause.⁠

9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse
9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse

9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse

Here are the 9 Hidden Things That Make Depression Worse.

1. Certain Health Conditions:

Some conditions e.g. thyroid diseases can mimic symptoms of depression, when in reality it is a physical health issue.

2. Certain Medications:

Some medicines such as allergy meds or even some psychiatric meds can make depression worse or make you feel like a zombie.

3. Micronutrient deficiencies/excess:

Certain micronutrients like serotonin and dopamine heavily affect your mood. When the balance is off e.g. from eating unhealthy food, it can worsen depression.

4. Lonely:

Being surrounded by people all the time yet feeling lonely because you can’t connect to them.

5. Stifling Environment:

Being in a toxic/stifling environment e.g. workplace, family, community, friend group.

6. Overworking and Burnout:

Overworking and burnout, lacking a certain type of rest (social rest, creative rest, spiritual rest, etc).

7. Lack of Sleep and Exercise:

Leading a sedentary lifestyle, not getting enough sunlight or irregular sleep are all things that make you feel physically and mentally worse.

8. Taken Advantage of:

Saying yes to too many things from others because you are too shy to say no, being constantly taken advantage of.

9. Inner Child Wounds:

The lingering effects of unresolved inner child wounds and childhood emotional neglect.

Depression Worse
Depression Worse


In conclusion, it is important to recognize that depression is not solely a result of psychological factors, but also influenced by various hidden elements. Addressing these hidden factors can be crucial in managing and overcoming depression. Health conditions, such as thyroid disorders, can mimic depressive symptoms, emphasizing the need for thorough medical evaluation. Medications, including certain psychiatric drugs, may exacerbate depression or lead to feelings of detachment.

Micronutrient imbalances, stemming from an unhealthy diet, can significantly impact mood regulation. Social factors, such as feeling lonely despite being surrounded by others or being trapped in a toxic environment, can worsen depressive symptoms. Overworking, burnout, and a lack of proper rest contribute to the deterioration of mental and emotional well-being. Neglecting adequate sleep, exercise, and exposure to sunlight further exacerbates the negative impact on both the body and mind. Being constantly taken advantage of and not addressing unresolved inner child wounds also contribute to worsening depression. To effectively address depression, it is essential to not only focus on psychological interventions but also address these hidden factors to target the root causes of the condition.

By recognizing and addressing these hidden elements, individuals can take steps towards improving their overall well-being and finding long-lasting relief from depression.


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