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so in This Post, We Tell You Why Your Teeth Turn Yellow. we tell You the Proper reason.

Why Do Your Teeth Turn Yellow
Why Do Your Teeth Turn Yellow

Why Do Your Teeth Turn Yellow?

Our teeth consist of three parts.

  • The outermost part is enamel. The enamel is white.
  • Beneath the enamel, there is dentine. It is yellow.
  • Then comes the part called the pulp, which has blood vessels and nerves.

Now, when we drink or eat acidic fruits and beverages like lemon, orange juice, soft drinks, etc., they erode or wear away the enamel exposing the yellow dentine and thus, making teeth appear yellow.

However, did you know that some people’s teeth are naturally yellowish?

Why are Some People’s Teeth Natural Yellowish?

This is because, in such people, the layer of enamel is thin causing the yellow color of the dentine to appear more clearly and thus, making their teeth appear naturally yellow.

Naturally yellow teeth
Naturally yellow teeth


What causes teeth to turn yellow?

Teeth can turn yellow due to various reasons, including the consumption of staining substances like coffee, tea, and red wine. Poor oral hygiene, smoking, aging, and certain medications can also contribute to tooth discoloration.

Can genetics play a role in yellowing teeth?

Yes, genetics can influence the natural color of teeth. Some people may have naturally thinner enamel or dentin, which can make the underlying yellowish tissue more visible, contributing to the appearance of yellow teeth.

How does smoking contribute to yellow teeth?

Tobacco contains tar and nicotine, which can adhere to tooth enamel and contribute to staining. Prolonged smoking can result in persistent yellow or brown discoloration of the teeth.

Are certain foods or beverages more likely to stain teeth?

Yes, foods and beverages with intense color pigments, such as berries, beets, and curry, as well as drinks like coffee and red wine, can stain teeth over time. Acidic foods and drinks can also contribute by eroding enamel, making the yellowish dentin more visible.

How can I prevent or reduce teeth yellowing?

Practice good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly. Avoid or limit the consumption of staining substances. Drink water after consuming acidic or staining foods. Consider professional teeth cleaning and whitening procedures recommended by your dentist.


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