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Here’s a post about Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression.

In this post, I tell you some Hidden Signs of depression that also have to do with self-harm and suicide. Trigger warning for those, of course.⁠

When you have this metaphorical big black dog on your shoulders all the time. every single action, including ‘easy’ ones, seems like mountains.

That’s why some people choose to harm themselves to ease their pain. Or think about suicide.⁠

On that note, a lot of people have existential depression or the depression that results when they grapple with the fact that life has no meaning. Thus, suicidal behavior can often occur.

What I believe is that suicide, to a depressed individual (and other folks too, not necessarily those with depression), is a logical extension of their problem-solving repertoire.⁠

In their minds, this way to solve their action is very much logical.⁠

But it is by far a solution that isn’t very effective or efficient at all. It’s a terrible waste of time and energy.

Hidden Signs of Depression
Signs of Depression

Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression

Here are the 7 Hidden Signs of Depression Which you see in People who hide their Depression. Hidden Depression is very Dangerous people with inner and No Body Know how this person feels like.

1. Sleeping Long Hours

One is the Major Hidden Signs of Depression Person with Depression Sleeping long hours to escape the pain and intense emotions of reality.

2. Taking Long, Hot Showers

The person with Depression Takes long, hot showers to mimic the warmth of company and also as a form of self-harm.

3. Wear Oversized, Baggy Clothing

The Major signs of Depression you see in a person is they Wear oversized, baggy clothing to hide their self-harm scars.

4. Reckless Activities

To Hide Our Depression they Purposely do reckless activities just to feel some sort of excitement in life (speeding, getting into fights, etc).

5. Meaning of Life

They Spend hours thinking about the meaning of life or its pointlessness, researching related philosophies.

6. Turning off their phone

The Major and Dangerous Sign You see in person they Turning off their phone so they don’t have to deal with the notifications and responsibilities of life.

7. Fantasize About Suicide

Dangerous Sign of Depression is They Fantasizing about suicide, the best ways to do it, and how everyone will react to their death (suicide is a problem-solving method for them).


People are afraid to talk about depression and suicide, even as suicidal thoughts are exceedingly common.
What they don’t realize is that suicide is a logical extension of the depressed mind’s problem-solving repertoire. We need to help them understand how suicide is an extension of their avoidance efforts and raise alternative coping strategies that are far healthier.


So in This Post, Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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