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Here’s a post about Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression.

In this post, I tell you some Hidden Signs of depression that also have to do with self-harm and suicide. Trigger warning for those, of course.⁠

When you have this metaphorical big black dog on your shoulders all the time. every single action, including ‘easy’ ones, seems like a mountain.

That’s why some people choose to harm themselves to ease their pain. Or think about suicide.⁠

On that note, a lot of people have existential depression, or the depression that results when they grapple with the fact that life has no meaning. Thus, suicidal behavior can often occur.

What I believe is that suicide, to a depressed individual (and other folks too, not necessarily those with depression), is a logical extension of their problem-solving repertoire.⁠

In their minds, this way to solve their action is very much logical.⁠

But it is by far a solution that isn’t very effective or efficient at all. It’s a terrible waste of time and energy.

Hidden Signs of Depression
Signs of Depression

Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression

Here are the 7 Hidden Signs of Depression That you see in People who hide their Depression. Hidden Depression is very Dangerous people with inner and No Body Know how this person feels like.

1. Sleeping Long Hours

One glaring indicator of hidden depression is prolonged periods of sleep. Those grappling with this silent battle may find solace in the oblivion of sleep, a temporary escape from the overwhelming pain and intense emotions.

2. Taking Long, Hot Showers

The warmth of companionship is often sought in unconventional places. Individuals with hidden depression may resort to indulging in long, hot showers, attempting to replicate the comforting embrace of human warmth. However, this can also manifest as a subtle form of self-harm.

3. Wear Oversized, Baggy Clothing

Clothing becomes a shield, concealing not just the body but the scars of self-harm. The choice of oversized, baggy attire is a deliberate attempt to keep the struggles hidden from prying eyes.

4. Reckless Activities

Hidden depression drives individuals to intentionally engage in reckless activities. Whether it’s speeding on the road or getting into fights, these actions serve as desperate attempts to inject a semblance of excitement into a life overshadowed by despair.

5. Meaning of Life

Contemplation becomes an obsession as they spend hours pondering the meaning or pointlessness of life. This intellectual pursuit often leads them down a rabbit hole of philosophical inquiries, searching for answers that seem elusive.

6. Turning off Their Phone

Disconnected from the world, individuals may resort to turning off their phones. This act is a desperate escape from the incessant notifications and the weight of life’s responsibilities, creating a bubble of isolation.

7. Fantasize About Suicide

Perhaps the most alarming sign is the tendency to fantasize about suicide. For those battling hidden depression, this becomes a morbid coping mechanism—an imagined solution to their internal struggles.

The Logical Extension

In conclusion, we must recognize that discussing depression and suicide is a challenging but necessary dialogue. Suicidal thoughts are more common than we might think, and understanding that suicide is a logical extension of the depressed mind’s problem-solving repertoire is crucial.

Breaking the Silence

Let’s break the silence surrounding hidden depression. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments. What other signs have you observed or personally experienced? Your insights could be a lifeline for someone silently battling their demons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hidden Depression

How can I differentiate between someone experiencing hidden depression and someone having a rough time in life?

Distinguishing hidden depression involves paying attention to subtle signs. If you notice prolonged isolation, drastic changes in behavior, or an obsessive focus on existential questions, it could indicate hidden depression. It’s essential to communicate openly and supportively.

Are all long showers a sign of hidden depression, or can it be a personal preference?

While enjoying long, hot showers can be a personal preference, it may also be a sign of hidden depression when used as a coping mechanism. If someone exhibits other signs, such as withdrawal from social activities or changes in mood, it’s worth considering the broader context.

Is turning off the phone a common behavior in individuals with hidden depression?

Yes, turning off the phone can be a coping mechanism for those with hidden depression. It serves as a way to temporarily escape the pressures of daily life and offers a sense of control over their environment. However, it’s crucial to assess this behavior in conjunction with other signs.

Can hidden depression be completely concealed, or are there always noticeable signs?

Hidden depression, as the name suggests, involves subtle signs that may not be immediately apparent. However, careful observation of changes in behavior, sleep patterns, or social interactions can unveil the presence of hidden struggles. Communication and empathy play vital roles in uncovering these hidden signs.

How can I approach someone I suspect is dealing with hidden depression?

Initiating a conversation about mental health requires sensitivity. Choose a private setting, express genuine concern, and avoid judgment. Use “I” statements to convey your observations and feelings, creating a non-confrontational space for them to open up. Encourage seeking professional help and offer support throughout the process.


People are afraid to talk about depression and suicide, even as suicidal thoughts are exceedingly common.
What they don’t realize is that suicide is a logical extension of the depressed mind’s problem-solving repertoire. We need to help them understand how suicide is an extension of their avoidance efforts and raise alternative coping strategies that are far healthier.


So in This Post, Hidden Depression: 7 Hidden Signs of Depression What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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