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Here’s a post about Why People With Depression are Addicted To Social Media
⁠Of course, not all depressed people do this, but I’ve found this to be very common in my research and talking to folks with depression.⁠

When you are depressed, your ability to experience pleasure drops to rock bottom. That, to me, is the main signifier of depression, even more so than the waves of sadness that come with it.

So, when your ability to experience joy is gone, social media, with its easily accessible hits of dopamine, seems like a godsend.⁠

Scrolling through Instagram, and looking at posts and reels gives you that anticipation and excitement that life doesn’t really give anymore.

Now, of course, if you rely on social media exclusively, that is a problem and it is unhealthy. But in my opinion, taking that away from people without giving them an alternative can feel extremely draining and adds to their weight on top of what depression already feels like.⁠

Feel free to use social media to keep you going for sure, but in the meantime find other small wins that you can manage to help get you out of depression in long term.⁠

Depression are Addicted To Social Media
Depression Addicted To Social Media

Why People With Depression Are Addicted To Social Media

1. Dopamine Hits:

The dopamine hits from social media are one of the few things that actually make them feel something

2. Always Lonely:

They’re lonely and want to see what other people are up to

3. Addicted to Sadness:

Seeing others having fun makes them sad, but they’re addicted to that sadness

4. Distraction from thoughts:

Social media is an easily available form of distraction from painful and sad thoughts

5. Relate to the Content on social media:

They can relate to the Content on social media including memes and mental health posts


A lot of people diss social media for being too distracting and affecting our attention span and dopamine receptors. This is true, but on the other hand, we do what we have to do to keep ourselves sane.
Don’t feel bad for using social media as a crutch to keep yourself going if you have depression, but make sure to find other healthy coping mechanisms at the same time.


So in This Post, Why People With Depression are Addicted To Social Media You Need to Know What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

If you found this helpful or feel free to share your experience if you can relate to these points and if you are comfortable share

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