How Skin affects Self-Confidence

How Skin affects Self-Confidence  how skin affects self-confidence How Skin affects Self-Confidence -HealthDailyAdvice How Skin affects Self Confidence

INTERVIEW WITH AN EXPERTS HOW SELF-CONFIDENCE AFFECTS YOUR SKIN having attractive, healthy skin reminds me of the phrase comfortable in one’s skin. When your skin looks and feels right, you are self-confident, which makes you want to take good care of yourself, including your skin. Psychoanalysts have long talked about the importance of the skin as a protective barrier between the inner and outer worlds. And your skin will reflect this spiritual world. IS SKINCARE ONE OF THE FOUNDATIONS OF SELF-ESTEEM? Ideally, you should take care of your skin every day, without even asking yourself if you are feeling self-confident. It should be a daily habit. One should add to their everyday life: I am self-confident, and I take care of my skin. I take care of my skin, and I am self-confident.HOW CAN ONE BOOST SELF-CONFIDENCE? As therapists, we are teaching our patients how to come to terms with who they are. One expert described it to me this way: Be a good mother to yourself. If the patient ponders what it means to be an excellent mother to oneself, they will realize that above all it means looking after oneself, which includes skin care. This is one of the early steps in gaining awareness of yourself, which you love and look after. This will allow self-confidence to grow. KEY POINTS: HEALTHY, ATTRACTIVE SKIN COMES FROM FEELING GOOD YOUR SKIN REFLECTS YOUR INNER WORLD PEOPLE EXPERIENCING MENTAL DISTRESS TEND TO NEGLECT THEIR SKIN BE A GOOD MOTHER TO YOURSELF SKINCARE BOOSTS SELF-CONFIDENCEMEET OUR EXPERTS ON VICHY.COM GYNECOLOGISTDERMATOLOGIST NUTRITIONISTPSYCHOLOGIST

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