7 Things That Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide



Here’s a post about 7 Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying Suicide.⁠

As I mentioned in the disclaimer, this post was not made with the intention of being a reason to live, though it can be used to that effect.⁠

Instead, I wanted to capture from a psychological and matter-of-fact standpoint, why people keep living despite thoughts of death.

Some are, what I’d like to say the ‘optimistic’ ones, including intervention, support, and passion.⁠

But to say that all suicidal people who keep living are because of those reasons is idealistic.

Instead, other reasons include spitting out those who have wronged you, staying on for others’ sake, and just plain old fear of death.⁠

Whatever reasons people have, I do hope that you stay on and find a reason for you to live for yourself. ⁠

7 Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide
7 Things That Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide


This is not a post about reasons to live, though it can be taken as > such. It is more of a psychological report on the reasons why suicidal people don’t die despite having the thoughts they have. In This Post, We only Discuss 7 Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying Suicide

7 things that stop suicidal people from dying suicide:

#1: Impact on friends and family:

Many suicidal people are still alive because they have people who are dependent on them (children, siblings) or their loved ones would feel crushed by their death.

#2: Seeing the impact of Someone else’s death:

Suicidal people should live for themselves, not others. But some suicidal people don’t die because they’ve seen how someone else’s death brought grief to those around them and didn’t want that for their loved ones.

#3: Their pets:

A big reason for suicidal people to stay alive is for their pets, or that their death would mean a lesser standard of care for them.

#4: Spite:

Some suicidal people stay alive just to spite those who have wronged them (bullies, abusers, etc). They think, “If I die, they’ve won, and I’m not going to let them win.”

#5: Fear of pain or death:

Some people hate life but don’t want to die because virtually all methods of self-inflicted suicide are painful, scary, or messy, or that they’re scared of the afterlife.

#6: Finding a passion they enjoy:

While staying alive, many suicidal people found passions that kept them going even in their darkest days such as working out, training animals, gaming, etc. which also proved to them that they’re capable of doing hard things.

#7: Support and intervention:

Some suicidal people rely on a strong support network to keep them going, including partners, family, and friends. Others also sought professional help including therapy and medication to get through.


For those suicidal people who are currently living for others, I hope you find a reason to live for yourself as you are trying your best to stay alive.
Regardless, it’s not a good idea to judge yourself by conventional markers or even how you used to judge yourself in the past. Sometimes the small things or even staying alive are achievements in themselves.

Suicidal Thoughts - Health Daily Advice
Suicidal Thoughts – Health Daily Advice


So in This Post, I Discuss Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying Suicide.⁠Which factor is the most important (in your experience or someone else’s if you’re comfortable sharing)? Any I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments

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Suicide Prevention - Health Daily Advice
Suicide Prevention – Health Daily Advice


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