7 Things That Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide



In this post, we delve into the psychological aspects of why some individuals, despite grappling with suicidal thoughts, choose to continue living. This exploration is not intended to provide reasons to live, but rather to offer insights into the resilient factors that contribute to the decision to persevere.

Unveiling the ‘Optimistic’ Facets

While interventions, support, and passion play crucial roles for some, it’s idealistic to believe these are universal reasons. Other factors, such as confronting wrongdoers, living for others, and simple fear of death, also contribute to the complex tapestry of reasons why individuals decide to stay alive.


This is not a post about reasons to live, though it can be taken as > such. It is more of a psychological report on the reasons why suicidal people don’t die despite having the thoughts they have. In This Post, We only Discuss 7 Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying Suicide

7 Things that Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide
7 Things That Stop Suicidal People from Dying to Suicide

7 Things That Halt Suicidal Thoughts

#1: Impact on friends and family:

Many suicidal people are still alive because they have people who are dependent on them (children, siblings) or their loved ones would feel crushed by their death.

#2: Witnessing the Impact of Someone Else’s Death

Some individuals draw inspiration from the grief caused by another person’s death, choosing to live for themselves rather than subjecting their loved ones to the pain of loss.

#3: Devotion to Pets

A significant motivator for some is the welfare of their pets, knowing that their demise might result in a diminished quality of life for their animal companions.

#4: Spite as a Driving Force

Defiance against those who have wronged them becomes a powerful deterrent for some suicidal individuals. They refuse to let their oppressors claim victory through their demise.

#5: Fear of Pain or Death

Despite their discontent with life, fear of the potential pain, messiness, or the unknown aspects of the afterlife prevents some individuals from acting on their suicidal thoughts.

#6: Discovering a Passion

Many find solace in staying alive by discovering passions that bring joy, such as working out, training animals, or engaging in various hobbies. These pursuits showcase their ability to overcome challenges.

#7: Support and Intervention

A robust support network, including friends, family, and professional help like therapy and medication, serves as a lifeline for those grappling with suicidal thoughts.

Conclusion: A Plea for Self-Discovery

For those currently living for others, the hope is that they find a compelling reason to live for themselves. It’s essential to recognize that unconventional achievements, such as merely staying alive, are significant markers of strength.

Suicidal Thoughts - Health Daily Advice
Suicidal Thoughts – Health Daily Advice

Suicidal Thoughts – Health Daily Advice


This post has explored the factors that prevent suicidal individuals from succumbing to their thoughts. We invite you to share your experiences or suggest additional factors in the comments.

For more articles related to understanding suicide and supporting those with suicidal thoughts, stay tuned to Health Daily Advice.

For the latest information on suicidal thoughts, visit the World Health Organization (WHO). If you encounter any suicidal cases, please contact the nearest helpline. For suicide prevention resources, visit The Suicide Prevention Site.

Suicide Prevention - Health Daily Advice
Suicide Prevention – Health Daily Advice


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