Tampon FAQs


Tampon FAQs:

Tampon FAQs
Tampon FAQs

So in the last two Articles and Videos, we showed you what is a tampon and how to wear a tampon. Now that’s great, but I know you guys have a bunch of questions about tampon use.
So let’s count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, this is all your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about tampon Answered.

Tampon FAQs: Your Questions, Our Answers:

Tampons FAQ
Tampon FAQs

1. Can your tampon get lost?

No! There’s literally nowhere for the tampon to go. It cant enter your cervix because the opening is so tiny that it won’t fit. If anything it can get lodged if the string twists around or something but all you have to do is relax and just use your finger slowly to access it.

2. Are you still a virgin if you use tampons?

Of course! Your virginity has nothing to do with a tampon. Sometimes, a girl’s hymen can stretch or tear a bit from tampon use (in rare cases) but that has nothing to do with sexual intercourse and virginity.

3. Can you still go to the bathroom?

Of course! Unless you’re a camel and can hold it all in! Peeing has nothing to do with tampons. It won’t affect your tampon at all, just like it does not when you are wearing sanitary pads.

4. What do you do if a tampon gets stuck?

First of all a tampon cant get stuck. After the tampons are inserted, the vaginal muscles will hold it in place until you pull it out. If you feel resistance when you try to pull it out, the absorbency is too much of you should wait longer before trying to take it out. This is the same with the fear of tampons falling out. Uh-huh, not going to happen.



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