What is Anemia and Iron Deficiency?


Anemia and Iron Deficiency?

What is Anemia and Iron Deficiency
What are Anemia and Iron Deficiency?

Hello Dear World today we are back to talk to you about Anemia.
and if you are looking at me like why the hell do I care about anemia let me tell you that according to the National Family Health Survey anemia affects fifty percent of the Indian population so that means between you and your sister, one of you guys may be anemic,
so boom! Turn off those Bollywood YouTube trailers and pay attention anemia is a condition in your blood which means that you are lacking healthy red blood cells.


Basically, the cells in your body are not getting enough oxygen there are different types of anemia but today we talk about the most common type which is iron deficiency if you are an iron deficient anemic, it basically means that your body does not have enough iron, cannot absorb enough iron.
Many times girls that have really really really heavy excess blood loss during their period can also become anemic because they lose a lot of iron through their period.


What is Anemia Deficiency?
What is Anemia Deficiency?

The general symptoms include:

  • dizziness
  • soreness of the mouth
  • insomnia
  • and getting tired really really easily.
  • Many times iron deficient anemic also have weird cravings for stuff like paper and dirt. Yeah, I said it, dirt.

Prevent Anemia:

What is Anemia and Iron Deficiency?
What is Anemia and Iron Deficiency?

So how do you prevent anemia well since anemia is about the lack of iron you should make up for it by eating a lot of high-iron content food such as nuts, whole grains, chicken, and fish but remember you are not a doctor, I mean unless your doctor and then why are you are on YouTube, Google dude, go cure anemia you should always go to a doctor if you suspect anything like you may be anemic he Will probably run a few blood test and give you some iron supplements as well.

So that is for today! Don’t forget if you want to reach me you can always Email me or SMS me and leave some comments below.

With all this talk about whole grains, I think I am gonna go get my iron on. Also, Read Our Other Articles and I Will see you guys later.



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