8 Signs that someone’s Mental Health is Getting Worse



Here’s a post about the 8 Signs that Someone’s Mental Health is Getting Worse

This could be you, a friend, a colleague, a partner, or a family member.

The thing about mental health is that despite the mental health conversation progressing leaps and bounds beyond what it was in the past, in real life, we still find it difficult to talk about our issues, especially if they are serious.

We don’t want to burden people with our knowledge and our problems, yet at the same time, we are desperately hoping for someone else to catch our cries for help.⁠

Here are some of them.⁠

If you are showing these signs, please remember that you deserve to rest and a break too mental health is a priority.

Mental Health
Mental Health

8 Signs that Someone’s Mental Health is Getting Worse

1. Crying or looking like they’re about to cry out of the blue

When people’s emotions boil up, they are sometimes released without warning.

2. Reduced ability or performance, all tasks seem difficult

Worsening mental health means that people see even minor tasks that they can handle easily as mountains to conquer.

3. Irritability and aggression, followed by guilt

Similarly, when things get tough people often react by lashing out at small things. They often feel bad and try to apologize afterward.

4. They constantly take breaks to go to the bathroom/pantry

They do this to compose themselves or cry when their thoughts and emotions get too much and they can’t show it in public.

5. Their physical appearance or area is unusually disorganized

When someone has low energy or mood, their appearance and organization usually suffer too because they think, “What’s the point?”

6. Conversations with them are difficult

Either they struggle to hold a conversation or can’t help but talk about the bad things in their life.

7. They constantly look lost and unable to focus

This is usually because they have something else on their minds that is occupying their thoughts.

8. They are constantly on edge and jumpy

This could be because they have been triggered or are having a panic or anxiety attack and are on the lookout for threats even in safety.


People with poor mental health rarely admit that they are suffering because of the stigma associated with it.
Instead, when we see someone exhibiting these signs, it might be better to ask them if something’s wrong than to pile even more workload and judgment onto them. We never know what’s really going on in someone’s life.


So in This Post, 8 Signs that Someone’s Mental Health is Getting Worse You Need to Know What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

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