8 Signs You are Not Living In The Present Moment



Here’s a post about 8 Signs You are Not Living in the Present Moment, which I feel many of us can relate to in this distraction-filled age.⁠

What does not living in the present mean? It means that your mind is occupied with the past and the future rather than the present.⁠

It’s no surprise that many things on this list are related in some way to your senses — evoking your feelings is only possible at the moment, and if you spend too much time out of the present a good sign is when you don’t fully engage your senses, be it smell, touch, taste, sight or hearing.

This is also why, in order to live in the present, a good exercise is to start engaging your senses intentionally in activities that make good use of them, including walks, meals, and music.⁠

Notice the details in your senses during those activities. Let the anxious thoughts, worries, or rumination pass. Eventually, you will find that you have trained your attention to allow your anxious thoughts to pass and go, allowing you to be more fully engaged with whatever you are occupied with.

Not Living in the Present Moment
Not Living in the Present Moment

8 Signs You are Not Living in the Present Moment

1. Forgetting Important Things:

Frequently forgetting how you got to places or what you’re supposed to do right now

2. Change Track:

Not keeping track of time well, always rushing from place to place, getting easily distracted, and daydreaming a lot

3. Not sleeping well:

Not sleeping well due to fixating on past events or having anxieties about the future whenever you close your eyes

4. Regrets about the past:

Those same regrets about the past or worries about the future affect your work and focus in your job/school

5. Avoidance:

Avoidance of situations where things might go wrong including social situations, new opportunities, or other experiences

6. Not Focus on Conversation:

Not being able to be fully present or focused on a conversation or interaction because you’re thinking about other stuff, feeling disconnected from others

7. Remember Past Memories:

Speeding through things like meals and walks, not being able to remember details about the last time you had those experiences

8. No Longer Seem Fun:

Activities, even those you found pleasurable before, no longer seem fun.
Everything you do is about the future and how closer it gets you to your goals. instead of the experience.


Described as a ‘never-ending cycle of delayed gratification, not being present saps all the fun out of your life as if in a video game and you’re saving all your cool weapons for a boss that never comes…and then you’re at the end.
To live in the present, consider doing things intentionally and making use of all your senses in activities like walks, meals, or music Notice small details in smells, tastes, sights, and touches and let thoughts about the past or future pass peacefully.

8 Signs You are Not Living in the Present Moment
8 Signs You are Not Living in the Present Moment


So in This Post, I Discuss 8 Signs You are Not Living in the Present Moment. What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

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