8 Signs That Someone May Need Help



Here’s a post about some signs that someone you know (maybe even yourself) needs some help. In this post, we discuss 8 Signs That Someone May Need Help.

What does help mean? Different things.

It could mean professional therapy.

But it could also mean taking some time out to talk to them and check in with them if everything is okay.

It could also mean helping them out with some tasks, be it work or school, or errands.

But either way, folks who need help don’t tend to verbalize it often. Noticing these signs (but not pointing them out tactlessly) and asking if they’re okay can make their day.

8 Signs That Someone May Need Help
8 Signs That Someone May Need Help

8 Signs That Someone May Need Help:

1. Apologizing for Evey Little Thing:

Apologizing profusely for things even when it’s not their fault or they didn’t even do anything wrong.

2. Mistrust people:

They mistrust people they would usually confide in, feeling that the world is out to get them.

3. Easily Agitated or Angered:

They become easily agitated or angered when they weren’t before but feel bad afterward and try and make up for it.

4. No Interest and Joy:

Even things that used to bring them joy longer interest no them.

5. Agoraphobia:

They withdraw from social situations even with people they love or get scared of places with lots of people (agoraphobia).

6. Standards Drops:

Their standards of work in their job/ school drop when they’re usually capable of more.

7. Eat Irregularly:

They lose their appetite and eat irregularly, if at all.

8. didn’t Care Ourselves:

They suddenly neglect their hygiene, appearance, and self-care or become much messier/


People who are going through a rough time don’t usually admit that they’re in a tough spot.

A simple check-in or a moment of Kindness costs $0 but can really make their day, especially if they feel like they’re alone or the world is being unkind to them.

Signs That Someone May Need Help - Health Daily Advice
Signs That Someone May Need Help – Health Daily Advice


So in This Post, I Discuss 8 Signs That Someone May Need Help. What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

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