9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists



In this post, I’ll share nine profound lessons derived from therapists, whether through my own therapy sessions or insights gained from the wisdom of transformative therapists who have left an indelible mark on my life. These paradigm shifts have the potential to be as impactful for you as they have been for me.

9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists
9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists

9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists

Here are the 9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists

1. Closure: Embracing Acceptance

You won’t get closure: Oftentimes, the path to closure involves accepting that closure itself may not be attainable. This powerful revelation encourages us to shift our focus from seeking resolution to embracing acceptance.

2. Mind-Body Connection

A healthy body Needs a Healthy mind: Physical well-being is not solely about exercise and nutrition. Therapists emphasize the integral role of a healthy mind. Managing thoughts and emotions is just as crucial for overall well-being.

3. Courtesy vs. Respect

Courtesy and Respect: While everyone deserves courtesy, not everyone merits respect. Understanding this distinction allows us to navigate relationships with discernment, fostering healthier connections.

4. Authentic Connections

How you feel after you meet Someone: Pay attention to how you feel after interacting with someone. Genuine connections allow you to be yourself, while forced interactions often require wearing a metaphorical mask – a sign to reevaluate the relationship.

5. Combatting Loneliness

Do something for someone else: Loneliness often turns our focus inward. Therapists advocate for reconnecting by performing acts of kindness for others. This simple gesture can rekindle our connection to the world.

6. The Power of Starting Small

Start small: Overcoming inertia when feeling unmotivated involves starting small. Whether it’s deleting emails, doing household chores, or completing minor tasks, these actions can jumpstart your motivation.

7. Celebrate the Good Times

Celebrating: In relationships, celebrating the good times is as crucial as weathering the bad. Taking time to appreciate and laugh together strengthens the bond and fosters positivity.

8. Adaptability in Approach

Try Differently: Insanity lies in repeating the same actions while expecting different results. Therapists stress the importance of changing our approach, not the ultimate goal. Learn from failures, try again, but with a different strategy.

9. Embrace Your Present Self

Doing your past self proud now: Instead of dwelling on fixing the past, therapists advise focusing on making your past self proud in the present. Acknowledge that you did your best with the information available and strive to continue that trajectory.


These 9 things that have been learned from therapists provide valuable insights into personal growth and well-being. They emphasize the importance of acceptance, self-care, healthy relationships, and self-improvement. By recognizing that closure may not always be attainable, that a healthy body requires a healthy mind, and that it’s important to be courteous to everyone but only give respect to those who deserve it, individuals can develop a more balanced and fulfilling life. Additionally, by recognizing the importance of giving to others, starting small to build momentum, celebrating the good times, trying different approaches to achieve goals, and focusing on doing one’s best in the present rather than dwelling on the past, individuals can cultivate greater resilience, self-confidence, and satisfaction with life. These valuable lessons can be applied to all aspects of life and can lead to greater well-being and personal growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I combat loneliness?

Do something for someone else: Acts of kindness towards others can reestablish connections and combat loneliness.

What is the significance of starting small when unmotivated?

Starting small: Initiating minor tasks can serve as a catalyst to regain motivation and momentum.

How can one distinguish between courtesy and respect in relationships?

Courtesy and Respect: While everyone deserves courtesy, respect is earned. Learn to differentiate to build healthier connections.


So in This Post, 9 Things I Have Learned From Therapists What other points can you think of/have experienced? Let me know in the comments.

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